Diamonds of the Realm will take you back to Camelot.

Play’n GO has, in recent years, created a couple of slot machines based on Arthurian myths and stories. The latest installment in a series that also includes The Green Knight and The Sword of the Grail is called Diamonds of the Realm. The jewels belonging to Queen Guinevere have been stolen by Morgan and Mordred, and King Arthur and Guinevere are on a quest to recover them. As a thank you for your assistance, this game offers a maximum reward of 20,000 times your initial wager.

Format and Presentation of the Realm’s Most Precious Jewels

There are five reels and three rows in Diamonds of the Realm. King Arthur’s palace, Camelot, is the setting for the game, and it is beautifully designed and given some nice animated flourishes.

There are twenty possible payoffs for every spin. The lower-value coins of the realm are represented by the suits of a standard deck of playing cards: T, J, Q, K, and K. Mordred, Morgan, Guinevere, and Arthur all feature, along with a wild that pays out. The diamond is a big blue dispersion.

These icons are crisp and realistic, looking great on desktop and mobile devices alike. If the latter is the case, the amount of background will be diminished so that the symbols take up as much room as possible during gameplay.

The game’s soundtrack will gently lull you into an Arthurian state of mind, and the sound of swords clashing will accompany your successes as an incidental effect.

Multiplier for Your Victory

If you look attentively, you can see a horizontal disc above the reel grid, and around its circumference are different multiplier values. This disc can be used at any point during the game’s main storyline. Shortly before the reels stop, the disc will spin for a few seconds before stopping. When the disc stops spinning, the highlighted multiplier value is added to any wins that occurred during that spin.

The Win Multiplier disc features multipliers of 2, 5, 10, and 100. This feature can help you land some pretty important wins even if you don’t manage to hit the maximum payout, as lower values will be displayed more often than higher ones. However, the x100 multiplier does appear in the main game.

The Royal Diamonds Free Spins Bonus

Scatter diamonds appear on any reel and activate the Diamonds of the Real Free Spins bonus round when three or more appear anywhere on the screen. This will grant you five free spins to begin with, and the interesting thing about this section of the game is that the Win Multiplier feature is always in effect. That’s right, any money you take home from free spins will be multiplied by two, at the absolute least.

All of that is already rather spectacular, but it gets even better since the diamond symbols that first triggered the Free Spins feature will also contribute to your collection. Gather just one more diamond after triggering the feature with three to reach the x5 level. If you added another 10, you’d have x100!

To honor Guinevere, please!

There are many reasons to enjoy Diamonds of the Realm, a fantastic slot machine. You may play it just for the 20,000-to-1 payout potential. Alternatively, you might play it if you’re a huge lover of the King Arthur stories. You could play it if you really cared about helping Guinevere recover her diamonds. Whatever your reason for playing, you’re in for a good time and the chance of some serious cash prizes.

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