An Overview of the Bonus Bunnies

Bonus Bunnies is a fun farming simulator developed by Nolimit City that will take you back to your roots. Some players may find Bonus Bunnies to be lacking in excitement, despite the fact that it was developed by the same studio responsible for some very wild slot machines. Still, not every beast can be a ferocious man-eater. There must be bunnies. To find out what this slot can do, let’s put on our wellies and go on an agricultural adventure.

To begin, let’s take a break. While investigating Bonus Bunnies, one of the games we like to take a close look at, we stumbled onto some peculiar carrot lore. The color orange wasn’t always present in the history of the lowly carrot. In the 1600s, Dutch farmers started selectively breeding mutant strains of the purple vegetable, changing its color to orange. Things take an unexpected turn. All of the beta-carotene in them won’t make you see in the dark, but too many can really tint your skin an orange shade.

Your face might turn a little red or white from Bonus Bunnies, but it won’t turn orange. The game has a bonus purchase option that can change the RTP and is playable from 20 p/c up to $/€100 per spin. Players can enjoy a default setting of 96.14%, which increases to 96.43% with the feature buy. Keep in mind that the game’s configuration could be set to a lower frame rate of 94.22%.

Nolimit City is a developer who kindly shows the player the degree of volatility in their games. Bonus Bunnies provide a medium+ volatile mathematical model, which may not be as terrifying as you’d think from these creatures. Meanwhile, the hit frequency is a tad low at 18.2%, though the bonus frequency is not too far off at 1 in 179 typical spins.

When we first started up Bonus Bunnies, we couldn’t help but think about Push Gaming’s Fat Rabbit. It’s not simply the agricultural allusions or the bunny motif, but also the animation of the main character as it hops over the reels that makes this cartoon so endearing. Either way, the game begins with bunches of carrots dangling from a wooden 4×4 grid and quickly spreads like a weed. After that, we enter a beautiful garden full of fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, peas, eggplants, onions, and even A-10 royals.

There are 30 paylines in all, however only combinations of three or four will be awarded. The 4 of a kind is preferable to a full house because of how much better it is. For example, a line of four tomatoes is worth 15 times as much as a line of three tomatoes. Tomatoes are not the only wild symbols; any sign that can be substituted for a regular pay symbol also has a 15x multiplier attached to it.

Bonus Feature Bunnies

Like the relaxed country atmosphere, Bonus Bunnies’ feature set is minimal, consisting of only Bonus + Wild Expansions and Carrot Link Spins.

Similar to Fat Rabbit’s expanding wild symbol is the Bonus + Wild Expansion function. The rabbit character is introduced as a scatter icon. If a scatter sign arrives at the same time as a wild, the rabbit bounds out of the scatter frame (turning it wild), bounces over to the wild and eats it. The entire reel goes crazy after he does that. The reel and the row containing the wild symbol both become wild if two or more bonus symbols appear.

The Carrot Link Spins bonus is very similar to the Money Train bonus seen in another Relax Gaming slot, so those who have played that game will feel right at home here. With just three bonus symbols in view, you’ll unlock three free games. The bonus symbols that activated the feature are transformed into carrot symbols, each of which shows a multiplier of the total wager. Blank tiles replace all other spots. Any of the following symbols could potentially appear in the open positions after a spin:

Bet multipliers as an added incentive.

Multiplier harvesters that scavenge all visible multipliers and add them together.

Those who fertilize the soil by multiplying the number of carrot icons by a certain value.

Expanding colonists who build another set of reels or rows.

When a new symbol appears, the number of spins returns to 3. When the grid is complete or no more spins are available, the bonus round is over and the accumulated multiplier is used. In the event that all spots are taken, the final symbol to fall could be a key that opens a chest containing a 3, 4, or 5x multiplier.

As was previously noted, the Nolimit Bonus feature-buy option may be made available for Bonus Bunnies. Players can pay a moderate 60x their bet to activate Carrot Link Spins on the next spin.

Compared to Nolimit City’s other high-octane offerings, Bonus Bunnies is a radical departure. Therefore, the game’s target audience is likely to be slightly dissimilar from that of, example, Barbarian Fury or Punk Rocker. We did not find Bonus Bunnies to be nearly as entertaining as the games suggested. The features are limited, and when activated, they fail to impress. Fair play, using the extra buy option to activate the bonus feature was entertaining, and it avoided the boredom of the regular game while increasing the return to player.

The potential is decent, with up to 6,950 times the stake available for bigger winners. Given how the features operate, reaching those reward thresholds seems unlikely. They are unlikely to be affected by the Bonus + Wild Enlargements. You’ll need a ridiculously large quantity of carrots plus modifiers for the Carrot Link Spins to make up the difference. Even yet, it’s tough to see how a multiplier of 6,950x or even close to it could be achieved.

True, not every slot machine has to be a risky gamble. Obviously, developers should also target various subsets of the market. Yet, despite the declared potential being rather high, Bonus Bunnies certainly isn’t suitable to players hoping for massive wins, or thrills. Bonus Bunnies is all about taking it easy on the farm and taking in the sights, from the soothing banjo music to the adorable protagonists. You should probably search elsewhere for a slot if you’re after anything more than a relaxing time.

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